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How does inattentional blindness contribute to car accidents?

Ever heard of inattentional blindness? It is where the brain only focuses on the things it thinks are most important at any given moment. One would think that when driving, everything that keeps a person driving safely would be important information, but the truth is, a lot of it gets filtered out and that often contributes to car accidents in Maryland and elsewhere.

Maryland car accidents: 5 kids killed in recent wreck

Police in Maryland are in the process of investigating a single-vehicle wreck that left five children dead and two other individuals injured. This tragic event occurred in the town of Bowie on Feb. 2. Following single-vehicle car accidents, injured passengers or the surviving family members of passengers killed in such events may not feel that they can pursue compensation for their losses. This may actually not be true. Under the right circumstances, relief may be achieved through legal means.

Numerous car accidents in January were weather-related

Winter weather is tough to drive in. Most people would avoid it if they could. Unfortunately, work and family obligations mean that Maryland residents have to brave treacherous road conditions even when they would rather not. Sadly, quite a few car accidents happen during the winter months as a result. 

Maryland car accidents: 3 children killed in crash

A tragic accident in Maryland left three children dead and their parents in critical condition. In the blink of an eye, car accidents can change families' lives forever. The parents in this case will be left with emotional, financial and physical damages that they may never overcome.

Maryland car accidents: Girl hit by truck in critical condition

Police in Maryland are currently investigating an accident that left a young girl severely injured. This event happened in Bryantown on Tuesday, Nov. 29. As is true following all car accidents, if the driver responsible is believed to have been negligent in her actions resulting in the wreck, the victim's family may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses through legal means.

Maryland car accidents: Head-on crash kills 1, injures 1

Police in Maryland are in the process of investigating a crash that left one individual dead and another injured. This event occurred in Upper Marlboro on Sunday, Oct. 28. Following car accidents such as this, the victim or his or her surviving family members may have legal recourse.

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