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Injured in a car accident?

Motor vehicle accidents of all sorts are seen on Maryland roads every single day. If you happen to be one of the unlucky few who suffered injuries in a car accident, you have likely, many times over, asked yourself if taking legal action to seek compensation for your losses is appropriate. An experienced personal injury attorney can review your case and help you decide if filing claims in civil court is the best course of action.

Soft tissue injuries often occur in car accidents

The vast majority of auto accidents that happen daily in the state of Maryland are deemed relatively minor in nature. Most people walk away from these car accidents sore, but overall in seemingly good shape -- so they think. What seems like insignificant injuries at first, however, can become significant over time, particularly soft tissue injuries.

Man responsible for fatal car accident convicted of manslaughter

In Aug. 2018, two men were standing outside their car, which had become disabled, on Interstate 495 in Maryland. While figuring out what to do, they were struck by a vehicle. One of the men died, and the other was seriously hurt. Recently, the man responsible for this fatal car accident was convicted on a manslaughter charge. He stands to face well-over a decade behind bars. 

Speed is often a contributing factor in fatal car accidents

Speeding -- there are those in Maryland who do it because they do not think speed limits apply to them, others who do it to go with the flow of traffic and those who do not realize they are doing it because they just aren't paying attention. Every day, numerous people are stopped and cited for doing this because of how dangerous it is. Many people may not be aware that speeding is often a contributing factor in fatal car accidents, which is why police work hard to stop those who fail to abide by the posted limits. 

Car accidents often cause victims to suffer emotional injuries

Post-traumatic stress disorder is something that is usually talked about in regard to veterans or survivors of abuse. Few people in Maryland and elsewhere may realize that victims of car accidents may also experience PTSD. According to statistic, roughly 9% of accident victims suffer from some level of PTSD. How can one recognize this type of emotional injury?

Upper Marlboro car accidents: 1 hurt, 1 killed in recent wreck

One man is dead and another person was injured after their vehicles collided head-on. This incident reportedly occurred the evening of June 6, in Upper Marlboro. The losses associated with car accidents like this one are great. The victim may be entitled to seek relief by pursuing claims against the responsible party's estate.

Negligence required for victims of car accidents to seek relief

Suffering injuries in an auto accident can turn one's world upside down. Who's to say how well one will recover or if his or her life will ever be the same? The emotional, financial and physical costs associated with car accidents are considerable, and victims should not have to bear the burden of shouldering those costs alone. Thankfully, those injured in auto collisions while in the state of Maryland may seek relief for their losses if negligence contributed to their accidents.

How grass clippings can cause motorcycle accidents

Spring is in the air. Grass is growing, and homeowners, as well as city caretakers, are doing their best to clean up lawns after winter. In Maryland's Prince George's County, blowing grass clippings into the road is considered a serious violation, as doing so can clog storm drains and affect the water supply. There is another big reason as to why this practice should be avoided, though. Grass clippings can cause motorcycle accidents.

40 fatal car accidents in 1 county in the last 6 months

The state of Maryland has seen more than its fair share of fatal auto collisions in the past six months. One particular county, Prince George's County, has been hit especially hard -- seeing 40 fatal car accidents which resulted in 50 deaths. In an effort to reduce the number of collisions that result in fatality, near the end of April the State's Attorney is kicking off a safe driving campaign.

Maryland car accidents: 3 teens injured in wreck

Police in Maryland are investigating a car crash that left three teenagers with serious injuries. This event occurred in Lanham, near DuVal High School, on Tuesday, March 26. Following car accidents like this one, the victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses. This they may do by filing civil claims against those deemed responsible.

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