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A bit about workers' compensation

People get hurt on the job or suffer job-related illnesses every day. Maryland residents who find themselves victims of work-related injuries or ailments may have compensation available to them. Most employers are required to have workers' compensation insurance. All employees have to do after suffering an injury on the job or illness due to his or her work duties is file a claim to get the compensation process rolling.

Should I file a workers' compensation claim?

Every year, numerous Maryland residents suffer job-related illnesses and/or injuries. Every year, many of these people question whether they should actually file for workers' compensation. Some worry that filing such claims could jeopardize their jobs. Others are not sure if they have all the information needed to claim such benefits successfully. If you are questioning whether you should pursue a workers' compensation claim, legal counsel can help you decide if filing is appropriate and, if it is, assist you in seeking maximum compensation for your losses. 

Maryland telecommuters eligible for workers' compensation

Telecommuting is a big thing, and more companies are offering this perk. Quite a few Maryland residents enjoy the privilege of being able to work from home the majority of the time. There has, however, been concern about certain benefits and whether they apply to telecommuters -- such as workers' compensation benefits. If you work from home and suffer an injury when having to leave your residence to go to a job site, can you utilize workers' comp benefits?

Does workers' compensation cover hearing loss?

Every year, numerous Americans suffer some level of hearing loss thanks to their jobs. In fact, occupational hearing loss is said to be a very common workplace-related injury in the United States. Maryland residents who have found themselves dealing with hearing issues thanks to noise pollution or exposure to toxic substances at their places of work may be entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits to help them cover their resulting losses.

Workers' compensation: When age contributes to work injuries

Ageism is and has always been a real problem in Maryland and across the country. Numerous people are refused employment or let go from their positions to make jobs available for those younger than them. Age discrimination is illegal, but most employers get away with it simply by documenting other reasons for refusing employment or issuing terminations. One area where age has become an issue in the workplace is in regard to workers' compensation. A recently published article talked specifically about how age contributes to work injuries and the problem that presents to employers and the injured.

Obtaining fair workers' compensation benefits can take time

After suffering a work injury, one would think that it would be easy to get medical and financial care through one's employer to aid in recovery. Unfortunately, many people in Maryland and elsewhere find that is harder than they thought it would be. In fact, it can take quite a long time, and assistance from legal counsel, to achieve a fair workers' compensation payout.

Maryland workers' compensation: Things to know

Anyone in Maryland who has suffered an injury at work likely has a lot of questions about getting treated and covering their losses while they are unable to work. Workers' compensation is supposed to be there to protect employees, but getting fair and full relief following a work injury can be more difficult than people realize. Here are some things everyone should know about workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation available to assaulted school employees

Working in a school, helping children grow, learn and develop is supposed to be rewarding. Unfortunately, in Maryland, working in a school can be a dangerous affair, as every year numerous teachers and staff members are assaulted by the students that they serve. Recently, in Baltimore, an alleged assault left a cafeteria worker injured. This individual may a file workers' compensation claim to cover her resulting losses.

A denied workers' compensation claim is not the end of the road

When injured on the job, Maryland residents expect their workers' comp benefits to be there for them to help them pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, some may find their workers' compensation claims being denied. This leaves them scrambling to figure out how they will recover both physically and economically.

Does workers' compensation cover loss of eyesight?

Every year, numerous workers in Maryland and across the country suffer injuries while on the job. Some injuries can lead to permanent disability if you happen to lose your eyesight. While this may not happen often, it does happen, and those who have lost their eyesight due to a work injury are left trying to rebuild their lives. Thankfully, workers' compensation benefits should be there to help them with that.

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