Eye injuries are a serious potential problem for a lot of different employees. When you go to work, the odds are high that you’re surrounded by an array of potential hazards. Some that might impact your sight include chemicals, dust, debris, heat and cold. Any of these hazards, and others that you may have around you, could lead to injuries or damage to your eyes. That damage could even lead to blindness in some cases.

The good news? It’s usually possible to reduce the risk of eye injuries at work with a little effort. What are some good methods? 

1. Use safety equipment correctly

One great tip is to use the right eye protection. If you’re working in a lab, you may want to wear goggles, for example. If you’re using welding equipment, use the appropriate shield. If you’re working in the sun, wear sunglasses. Each of these pieces of personal protective equipment is designed to keep your eyes safer. 

2. Understand chemicals and emergency treatments

Next, look at the chemicals that are in your workplace and know how to respond in an emergency. For example, if you get bleach in your eyes, do you know what to do? Wash them out for at least 15 minutes with clean, running water. Tips like this could help save your sight if you come into contact with chemicals.

3. Get regular medical attention

Go to the optometrist regularly and be prepared to call 911 or go to the hospital if you suffer an eye injury. That way, damage to your eyes can be diagnosed and treated. 

These are three tips for keeping your eyes safer in the workplace. Use the right equipment, know the chemicals you work with and don’t be afraid to seek medical attention when you need it. You may be able to seek workers’ compensation to cover your medical care if you’re hurt.