There is nothing quite as surprising as suffering and injury on the job. One minute, you’re completing work for your boss. The next, you’re struggling to survive.

The sad truth is that there are many kinds of workplace accidents that can happen, and they can sometimes be serious enough to lead to disability or severe injuries. Those injuries can be unexpected, making you concerned not only for yourself but also for your family as you have to go without working.

The good thing about the laws in Maryland is that workers’ compensation was established to protect workers like yourself. If you’re hurt while working, you can file for workers’ compensation and seek the benefits that it provides.

Workers’ compensation can help in a few ways, including:

  • Providing you with compensation for lost wages
  • Offering medical benefits
  • Providing you with vocational rehabilitation if needed

How long does it take to process a workers’ compensation claim?

If everything is filled out correctly, then a claim form is usually processed within two to three days. Incomplete forms may be returned, so that you can fill out any missing information.

What happens if you want to return to work but can’t do the same job you did before?

You may want to look into the vocational rehabilitation services offered by workers’ compensation. Your employer will be responsible for covering vocational rehabilitation in the case that you can’t go back to the same job. All parties involved will discuss taking vocational assessments and going through interviews, as well as making a plan for rehabilitation.

Workers’ compensation makes sure that you have options. It’s here to provide you with the safety net that you need. Our website has more on what to expect if you’re hurt on the job.