In order to legally drive a motor vehicle on Maryland public roads, you need to have a vehicle registered with the state, an active driver’s license either in Maryland or another state and an active motor vehicle liability insurance policy that protects you in the event of a collision. As a responsible adult, you maintain your insurance and licensing to ensure you are as safe as possible on the roads.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a similar commitment to responsibility and safety. Quite a few drivers in Maryland either intentionally cancel their insurance policies to save money after registering their vehicle or allow their policies to lapse when they fail to make renewal payments.

Driving without insurance impacts everyone on the road by increasing their risk of a collision that won’t have proper coverage through an insurance policy. If you get into a collision caused by a driver who does not have liability insurance on their Maryland vehicle, you could find yourself in a precarious financial position.

What is the statistical risk of uninsured drivers?

According to an analysis by the Insurance Information Institute, Maryland falls roughly in the middle of all states regarding the number of uninsured drivers on the roads, with a rank of number 23. An analysis of insurance claims in 2015, the most recent year with statistics available, indicated that roughly 12.4% of drivers on Maryland roads did not have insurance.

That’s roughly 1 in 8 drivers that you encounter on the roads. In other words, every single time you get behind the wheel, you likely cross paths with multiple people who don’t have insurance in the event that they cause a crash.

Complicating factors with uninsured drivers

Predicting your risk of a crash with an uninsured driver is impossible, as many factors that constantly change influence your total risk. However, drivers who can’t afford liability insurance likely also can’t afford to adequately maintain their vehicle. That could mean they drive long after their brake pads have begun to squeak or when they know that other critical systems are not functioning optimally.

For you as the victim of a crash caused by a driver without insurance, the risk is that you will not have protection for your financial losses. Your liability insurance protects you from costs associated with any crash that you cause, not expenses incurred because of someone else’s liability.

Adding a rider to your policy that protects you if someone does not have insurance or carry adequate insurance can help you avoid the financial difficulty so commonly experienced by those who suffer property damage or injuries in crashes caused by uninsured drivers.