Over 117,000 motor vehicle accidents occurred in Maryland in 2018. Almost 50,000 people were seriously injured in these crashes and over 500 lost their lives. Stay safe on the road this year with these four tips to avoid the most common types of accidents.

Front-impact collisions happen when the front of a vehicle hits another vehicle or object, such as a fence or tree. These most often occur due to wet or icy road conditions. Drive slowly in the rain and snow and eliminate all distractions so it’s easier to pay attention to any icy patches. Side-impact collisions, which are especially risky in intersections, happen when the side of the vehicle is sideswiped or T-boned. Looking for blind spots when changing lanes and always looking in both directions before entering an intersection can help prevent these accidents.

Being hit in the back of the vehicle is known as a rear-end collision. These often occur during heavy traffic on highways. Stay a proper distance away from other vehicles and change lanes to avoid those who tailgate. Drivers should also be careful of parking lot collisions. These typically happen when a motorist backs into a pole or another vehicle. Parking away from cars and looking around vigilantly while in reverse can keep a vehicle safe.

When car accidents occur, insurance companies often offer low settlements to victims. Unfortunately, such offers won’t cover all of the expenses. Costly medical bills, time spent off of work during healing and vehicle repairs can add up to tens of thousands of dollars. A personal injury lawyer might be able to help by filing a civil suit. For example, if a distracted driver caused a car crash in Maryland, they behaved negligently. A lawyer could help the crash victim get a fair settlement to help with their financial losses.