Most motorcyclists know the risks involved in operating such a small vehicle, especially on busy highways. To prepare, they often fully equip themselves with the tools and knowledge to safely navigate traffic-filled roads. However, not all other drivers are conscientious when it comes to sharing the road with motorcycles.

As riders eagerly await the springtime weather, here are three things to remember when driving alongside motorcyclists.

Check your blind spots

Drivers should always check their blind spots. Even regular-sized vehicles can disappear alongside your car for a few moments. Motorcycles are much smaller compared to passenger vehicles. If larger cars can sometimes disappear, it can be all too easy for a motorcycle to get caught in one of your blind spots.

While many motorcyclists sport brightly colored accessories to make themselves more visible, all that color can still disappear in a blind spot. To make sure you don’t cut in front of a motorcyclist or crash into them as you’re changing lanes, make sure to check all your mirrors, as well as over your shoulder, before making your move.

Give them space

Just as you would give another car a cushion of following space, make sure you offer the same courtesy to motorcycle riders. Many times, motorcyclists depend on the throttle to slow their bike down before or instead of fully braking. So, you might not be able to instantly tell when they’re slowing if the brake lights don’t go on.

In addition, motorcyclists are far less protected on a bike than drivers are in a car. If you rear-end a motorcycle, they’re likely to sustain far more injury and damage than you.

Watch their turn signal

Motorcycle turn signals do not shut off automatically. Instead, the rider must manually switch it off after making a turn. Be careful not to proceed past a motorcycle without knowing for sure if they intend on turning. Most motorcyclists are conscious about turning off their turn signals, but in the case that a rider forgets, trying to pass them when they aren’t actually turning can cause a nasty accident.

Drive safely so others can ride safely

The dangers that larger vehicles can pose to motorcycles on the road can lead to catastrophic accidents, most often resulting in a severely injured biker. To keep all vehicle operators safe on the road, remembering these and other tips can make everyone’s journey a little safer.