Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable on the road. This is because the vehicles can travel at high speeds, but also because there is very little protection for riders in the event of an impact. This is why motor vehicle drivers should exhibit extra care around motorcycles on Maryland’s roadways.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a motorcycle rider, it is important that you are able to accurately assess fault so that you can get the damages you deserve. By understanding the most common motorcycle crash scenarios and the parties that are usually to blame, you may be able to gain a better picture of the damages to which you will be entitled.

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by a lack of motor vehicle driver caution

Drivers should make sure that they maintain a safe distance between their vehicle and motorcycles. This means that they should avoid tailgating, sudden stops and unsafe lane changes. Unexpected actions like this can easily lead to collisions that cause serious injury. Drivers should always be mindful of the way their actions could create risk. It is common for motor vehicle drivers to be at fault in these situations.

Extreme weather conditions can create complexities with attributing fault

Dangerous weather conditions, including heavy rain, strong winds and snowstorms, should always inform a motorcycle rider’s decision regarding whether they take to the road. Motorcycles can be more heavily impacted by adverse weather than other vehicles. Additionally, it can be complex to attribute blame in these situations. Sometimes, a motor vehicle fails to exercise adequate caution with respect to the weather, and, as a result, a collision with a motorcycle can occur.

Speed limits should always be observed

Motorcycle riders should pay attention to the speed limits on roads. Additionally, they should use their own discretion and good judgment when deciding whether to slow down way below the speed limit if the situation deems it appropriate.

If you want to hold another driver responsible for a motorcycle accident, it is important that you take a proactive approach in regard to collecting information. By doing so, you will be able to correctly attribute blame, and show the true extent of the negligence that occurred.