As a police officer, the nature of your work is unpredictable. The situations that you could find yourself in on a particular day will often expose you to a significant level of danger. Police officers have the right to protect themselves and defend their safety whenever possible, however, these attempts are not always successful.

Police officers are at a greater risk of being injured physically while at work than the general population. They are also at a higher risk of enduring traumatic experiences, which can lead to mental health issues. It is possible for police officers to claim workers’ compensation for both physical and mental issues that have resulted in financial damages or the need to seek medical attention. The following are some of the most common injuries that police officers claim compensation for in Maryland.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is often suffered by military service members and police officers, as well as others who have experienced traumatic events, such as car crash victims. Those who have PTSD may suffer from persistent flashbacks of a traumatic event. In addition, they may have recurring nightmares and suffer from a constant state of anxiety. PTSD can be effectively treated with counseling and medication.

Muscle strains and injuries from physical activity

Police officers often have to respond to the unpredictable demands of the job in physical ways. This means that they may be required to run long distances without preparation or to physically defend themselves. Scaling fences or running with urgency may lead to physical injuries that require treatment.

Maryland workers’ compensation can help injured police officers

Injured police officers are able to file workers’ compensation claims after their injury. They should be entitled to the coverage of all medical expenses relating to the work-related injury, including counseling and therapy if necessary. They will also be able to gain back a portion of the wages lost as a result of needing to take leave from work during recovery.

If you have been injured at work as a police officer in Maryland, it is important that you understand how to get the compensation that you deserve.