If you have been injured at work as a Maryland employee, you are entitled to financial and possibly non-financial benefits in order to help you recover. The benefits that you are entitled to will, to some extent, depend on the circumstances surrounding the incident, but it will mostly depend on the nature of the injury and the way that it has affected your life.

Taking action soon after your injury is important, because you need to make sure you are able to receive the damages that you deserve. You should also invest time in becoming knowledgeable about the types of benefits that you are entitled to. The following are the different types of disability benefits that you may be able to claim in Maryland.

Temporary disability benefits

Almost all injured workers will be able to claim temporary disability compensation if they need more than 14 days off work. If this is the case for you, it will be possible to claim up to 2/3 of your average weekly wage. Additionally, you can claim temporary partial disability if you return to work at a lower capacity or lower pay.
Permanent disability benefits

If you are disabled to the extent that you will not be able to work in the future, you will be able to claim permanent disability benefits to help you and your family financially. These benefits are usually set to 2/3 of your average weekly wage, with minimum and maximum rates capped.

Reasonable medical treatment

Medical treatment can be expensive. Therefore, any medical treatment for the injury that is determined to be necessary or reasonable will be completely covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

Expenses associated with medical treatment

In Maryland, you will be able to claim back the cost of transport to your medical appointments.

Vocational rehabilitation

Many injured workers need to consider a new career after becoming injured. Maryland offers vocational training to help injured workers improve their skills and find a suitable job after their injury.

If you have been injured at work, it is important to consider what you think your future holds and what benefits you should be entitled to. Taking action is a step toward a more positive future.