Often, it’s not what happens to you in life that counts, but how you react to it. Becoming injured at work and then having your workers’ compensation claim denied can seem unfair. Being in such a situation can make you feel frustrated, angry and even hopeless. But you have the opportunity to either accept defeat or take action to get justice.

Many injured workers who appeal their denied workers’ compensation claim in Maryland do become successful. There are many reasons why a claim can be denied, and often the denial relates to a minor administrative error. It is important that you are persistent in your approach and that you take action to remedy the situation.

Identify why your claim was denied and consider your appeal strategy

Before you appeal a claim, you will need to understand why your claim was denied. The denial letter that you receive should make this clear to you. You should consider whether you believe that the reasoning behind the denial is accurate.

Consider an instance where you are told that you did not report your injury to your employer in enough time. If you have proof that you reported the injury to your employer within hours of the incident, this denial may be due to an administrative error. Provided you have proof of the date that you notified your employer, you should have no problem rectifying this issue.

However, if you find that your claim was denied because your employer argued that you were injured while engaging in horseplay, the appeal process is likely to be more complicated. You will need to take action to disprove your employer’s argument, which could be difficult to do.

Your appeal strategy will be highly dependent on the reason behind your denial. Before making an appeal, you may decide that it is best to meet with your employer to establish how you may be able to move forward.

You will be given a deadline on your denial letter that will signify how much time you have to make your denial. It is important that you act quickly so that you can effectively resolve a complex workers’ compensation dispute.