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When falling cargo leads to car and trucking accidents

The seemingly boring drive one takes every day as part of their routine can turn into a nightmare in a matter of seconds when cargo flies off a semitrailer and hits one's vehicle. This may not happen all too often in Maryland, but it can and the damages suffered by the victim or -- in the event of fatality -- his or her family members can be devastating. When car or trucking accidents are the results of falling cargo, one might think that such events are just freak accidents, but the truth is negligence may be the true cause.

he Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has regulations in place regarding cargo securement. The current standards have been in place for well over a decade. As it stands, trucking companies just have to use a specific number of ties to hold cargo in place. The number needed per object depends on the object's weight.

It all seems simple enough, yet this is something that is so easy for trucking companies and their employees to overlook. If falling cargo-related accidents are the result of a lack of the proper number of ties, the responsible parties can be fined by the government and face civil claims by any victims or their surviving family members. In order to determine if cargo securement or any other trucking safety regulation violations contributed to an accident, a little detective work is necessary, but one's legal counsel will know where to look and what questions to ask in order to get the information required.

Car and trucking accidents can ruin lives. Victims and/or their families should not and do not have to shoulder their losses on their own. With the assistance of legal counsel, Maryland residents who have suffered injuries or lost loved ones in accidents involving commercial vehicles can take the steps to seek fair and full compensation for the damages sustained.

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