Car technology keeps evolving, and safety features are changing right along with it.

Technology that makes driving (and sharing the road) a little easier has been on the rise and is now being widely adopted in most new cars. These new technologies are making cars safer for all Maryland residents on the road:

Evasive steering

This technology allows Maryland drivers to avoid hitting objects in the road. If a driver fails to notice something on the highway, the car will steer around it and return to the original position.

Collision detection

If a driver is not paying attention and the car ahead of them suddenly brakes, this feature will stop the car to avoid a collision. A sensor on the car’s bumper identifies when an object is in front of the car and engages the brakes.

Driver alertness

With driver alertness, sensors in the car continuously scan the driver for signs of fatigue. If the driver’s head nods or his or her eyes close for longer than a blink, the car sounds an alarm. It will then suggest that the tired driver take a break from behind the wheel.

Lane departure

Much like driver alert features, lane departure warnings alert a driver when their car veers out of their lane. They emit a loud warning sound, letting the driver know they’re drifting from the safety of their lane.

Rearview cameras

Backing up doesn’t have to be an exercise in blind faith anymore with rearview cameras. These cameras are positioned so that when your car is in reverse, you can see behind it even when your line of sight is blocked. The more advanced cameras can even allow you to see all around your car.

Accidents remain despite new safety features

Even though technology has advanced, accidents are still prevalent on Maryland roads. They can happen in a split second and change your life forever. Even the best technology is not the cure-all for careless driving.

Injuries sustained because of someone else’s driving deserve a fair resolution. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you pursue that resolution.