Winter is one of the most dangerous times to drive during the year. It has some of the busiest holidays that involve millions of travelers going on the road. It has the least amount of daylight of the seasons, leading many to crash in the dark. But the most unpredictable element during this time is the amount of snow and ice that will hit Maryland and when it will come.

Last week, first major snowstorm of the year hit the state. Inches of snow covered the major cities and traffic was set back for hours as people began to remember how terrible the driving conditions can be around this time. A report by CBS Baltimore shows how so many people in the state are struggling to adapt to the colder climate.

Winter wrecks

According to the report, the Maryland State Police responded to over 400 accidents between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. on Thursday, November 15. Out of the hundreds of incidents, there were two fatalities from car collisions. The timing could not have been any worse for many commuters, as the storm occurred just before morning rush hour and continued throughout the early afternoon. This led many to spend hours getting to their work and back.

Despite the heavy snowfall, there were a number of workplaces and schools open during the storm. Several residents criticized the decisions to keep so many places open during such chaotic weather. The amount of snowfall each city received drastically varied, with Pimlico receiving just over 2 inches and the appropriately named Frostburg receiving 9 inches. Several trucks also held back roads for hours by overturning after losing control over the slippery surfaces.

What to take away

This is only the first of many snowstorms that will likely occur this year. Though some may see it as a wake-up call, many local drivers will still fail to adjust their abilities when heavy snow starts gathering on the streets. It is important to drive slowly and keep enough distance from other vehicles in case there is some hidden ice gathering on the roads. Keep an eye out for the forecast every night before you go to bed. If your job forces you to come in to work during disastrous conditions, leave as early as you can to avoid further traffic and negligent motorists.

Drivers that do not change their habits during the winter will thousands of Maryland drivers at risk in these next few months. If you and your vehicle are seriously injured by a reckless driver in this cold season, a personal injury attorney can help you recover from these wrongful damages.