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How common is distracted driving?

We all know that we should not engage in distracted driving. It is a practice that reduces the attention that we can pay to the road and it increases the risk of a collision. We should all do what we can to prevent and reduce instances of distracted driving.

If you have recently been affected by distracted driving, you should take the time to understand the basic facts surrounding it. Distracted driving is, unfortunately, very common, and it is, theoretically, preventable.

Man responsible for fatal car accident convicted of manslaughter

In Aug. 2018, two men were standing outside their car, which had become disabled, on Interstate 495 in Maryland. While figuring out what to do, they were struck by a vehicle. One of the men died, and the other was seriously hurt. Recently, the man responsible for this fatal car accident was convicted on a manslaughter charge. He stands to face well-over a decade behind bars. 

According to a recent report, the two men who were hit were on the northbound side of the interstate. They had stopped on the right shoulder. The driver who hit them -- a 32-year-old male -- was also traveling northbound on I-495, in the far right lane, when he crossed the line into the shoulder area and struck the victims. After the crash, he fled the scene. Police eventually located him at a gas station nearby. 

Should I file a workers' compensation claim?

Every year, numerous Maryland residents suffer job-related illnesses and/or injuries. Every year, many of these people question whether they should actually file for workers' compensation. Some worry that filing such claims could jeopardize their jobs. Others are not sure if they have all the information needed to claim such benefits successfully. If you are questioning whether you should pursue a workers' compensation claim, legal counsel can help you decide if filing is appropriate and, if it is, assist you in seeking maximum compensation for your losses. 

If you are worried that your employer will fire or punish you for seeking workers' comp benefits, don't be. If you have suffered a work-related injury or illness, you are well within your rights to seek relief. If your employer retaliates after you file your claim, you do not have to sit back and take it. You may have legal recourse. 

Maryland trucking accidents: Truck versus bus crash injures 15

Police in Maryland are in the process of investigating a crash between a work truck and a school bus. A total of 15 people, mostly children, were injured in the wreck. According to current laws, when trucking accidents that involve injuries occur, the victims may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses.

On Tuesday, July 30, a school bus, occupied by 48 children and the driver, was traveling on River Road near Potomac when it was struck by a work truck. The crash reportedly occurred around 9 a.m. The details of this event are lacking, but it was reported that 14 of the 48 children suffered injuries and had to be transported to hospitals for treatment. The bus driver also suffered injuries in the wreck and was promptly seen by medical providers.

Understanding workers' compensation benefits in Maryland

When you are injured at work, you will likely be entitled to some form of benefits that can help you to pay for medical care and assist you in coping financially while you are not able to earn an income. However, pay close attention to the law in your state when seeking information about the benefits you will be entitled to.

In Maryland, some specific provisions in place apply only to high-risk professions. This means that workers on the front-line such as police officers and firefighters will probably find it easier to seek damages through workers' compensation, especially when it comes to seeking damages as a result of an occupational injury.

Maintenance issues sometimes lead to trucking accidents

All automobiles need to be maintained and frequently inspected to keep them running and ensure that they are safe to operate. This is particularly true for semitrailers and other commercial vehicles. When improperly maintained, trucking accidents can happen. When they do, the victims or -- in the event of fatality -- their surviving family members may be entitled to seek compensation for their losses in a Maryland civil court, as failing to maintain these vehicles is considered a form of negligence. 

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has stringent guidelines that commercial driver's license holders and their employers have to abide by. Some of these guidelines talk specifically about inspection and maintenance schedules, along with acceptable repair windows. According to the FMCSA

  • Certain vehicle parts are to be inspected every 90 days
  • Other vehicle parts only require annual checkups
  • Drivers need to conduct daily checks to ensure their vehicles are in good repair
  • Any issues noted must be fixed before the vehicle can return to service

Speed is often a contributing factor in fatal car accidents

Speeding -- there are those in Maryland who do it because they do not think speed limits apply to them, others who do it to go with the flow of traffic and those who do not realize they are doing it because they just aren't paying attention. Every day, numerous people are stopped and cited for doing this because of how dangerous it is. Many people may not be aware that speeding is often a contributing factor in fatal car accidents, which is why police work hard to stop those who fail to abide by the posted limits. 

According to a recently published article, speeding is a factor in about 22% of all fatal car accident cases. That makes this the leading cause of deadly collisions in the United States, which may be surprising to some people. Driving under the influence, which most people would think is behind more fatal crashes, is only responsible for roughly 14% of them.

Understanding car accident compensation in Maryland

The laws that apply to car accident collisions can vary widely from state to state. While you might be familiar with the laws in place in your home state, you may feel confused and overwhelmed if you become involved in an accident when traveling during your summer vacation.

If your property has been damaged or you have personally been injured after a car accident in Maryland, it is important that you first take the time to understand the law. Once you have a basic understanding of the laws that are in place, you will be able to apply these standards to your unique situation, and from there take appropriate action.

Maryland telecommuters eligible for workers' compensation

Telecommuting is a big thing, and more companies are offering this perk. Quite a few Maryland residents enjoy the privilege of being able to work from home the majority of the time. There has, however, been concern about certain benefits and whether they apply to telecommuters -- such as workers' compensation benefits. If you work from home and suffer an injury when having to leave your residence to go to a job site, can you utilize workers' comp benefits?

There has been some debate on this, but yes, as of a recent court ruling, Maryland residents who telecommute may be entitled to collect workers' compensation benefits. Whether you can apply for workers' comp benefits all comes down to the details in your case. It will be necessary for you to prove that the injury was, in fact, work-related. This may not prove an easy feat, however.

Who is usually to blame for motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable on the road. This is because the vehicles can travel at high speeds, but also because there is very little protection for riders in the event of an impact. This is why motor vehicle drivers should exhibit extra care around motorcycles on Maryland's roadways.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a motorcycle rider, it is important that you are able to accurately assess fault so that you can get the damages you deserve. By understanding the most common motorcycle crash scenarios and the parties that are usually to blame, you may be able to gain a better picture of the damages to which you will be entitled.

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