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If you were injured in a trucking accident, you could be entitled to much more financial compensation than what the insurance company initially offers.

Before you talk to the insurance company or the trucking company, talk to a truck accident attorney at Kenneth G. Macleay Law Firm. We can protect you from a low-ball settlement that fails to account for all your current and future expenses. While you focus on healing, we will work to maximize your financial recovery.

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Trucking Negligence Can Be Devastating

The trucking industry is heavily regulated due to the size, weight, speed and potentially devastating effects of collisions with 18-wheelers and other large trucks. Professional truck drivers must be professionally licensed, and they must adhere to strict safety requirements. When these requirements are not met, serious accidents happen.

Depending on the facts of your case, any of the following violations could be a factor in the crash that left you injured:

  • The truck driver's failure to follow hours-of-service rules, resulting in truck driver fatigue
  • Improper loading of cargo, resulting in speed-related crashes or tip-overs
  • Poor truck or trailer maintenance
  • Texting while driving and other forms of distracted driving
  • Failure to properly screen truck drivers
  • Truck driver impairment
  • Failure to slow down in construction zones
  • Defective trucks or truck parts

Complexities Of Trucking Accidents Require Specialized Knowledge

Our firm has the knowledge, experience and resources to conduct thorough investigations of trucking accidents. Mr. Macleay understands these cases from both sides. Prior to serving as a workers' compensation commissioner, he was defense counsel and defended trucking firms.

Attorney Macleay can leverage this experience to represent victims of negligence in the most difficult kinds of cases, including fatal semi accidents leading to claims of wrongful death. Let us work to build a strong case on your behalf.

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