Personal Injury Law

At the Law Offices of Macleay Law in Upper Marlboro, Maryland we are dedicated to fighting and winning your personal injury case. We understand that being injured by a negligent person or group of people can be traumatic. That's why we pride ourselves on walking our clients through their time of struggle hand-in-hand.

Confident Personal Injury Representation

Don't suffer alone. When you've experienced an injury due to another's negligence, get the legal help you need from Macleay Law. After a free initial consultation, we will look at your case from every angle to determine the maximum compensation you should receive for your injury. Through either a settlement or trial verdict, the party at fault will be held responsible for appropriate compensation to cover your injury-related losses including medical expenses and lost wages.

Personal injury claims can take a number of different forms including motor vehicle accidents, on-the-job injuries, product defects and slips and falls. We give each case the individual attention it deserves. We take care of your case so you can take care of yourself. Get peace of mind so you can heal quickly, unhindered by legal and financial worries!
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